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Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore

About Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore

A Commitment to Excellence

Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore is a worker of Indian National Congress with humble beginnings. He is a person with essence of truth who displays sincerity, candor and practices what he preaches. He is the man of his words and fulfils all his promises. He has been working for decades for upliftment of poor people in the society and will continue to fight for change until his vision has been reached. Working in the political realm for many years, he holds the public interest very close to heart. Please explore the site to find out more about Shakti Pratap Singh Rathore INC and their vision for change.

 Felicitated with following Posts-

युवा संयोजक, महात्मा गांधी जीवन दर्शन समिति, अजमेर, राजस्थान

पूर्व सदस्य,पंचायत समिति सरवाड़

पूर्व प्रदेश सचिव, युवा कांग्रेस राजस्थान

अध्यक्ष, पीपरोली दुग्ध उत्पादक सहकारी समिति पीपरोली 

पूर्व छात्र संघ अध्यक्ष, महर्षि दयानंद विश्वविद्यालय, अजमेर

पूर्व प्रदेश उपाध्यक्ष, एन.एस.यू.आई., राजस्थान 

पूर्व प्रदेश सचिव, एन.एस.यू.आई., राजस्थान 

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Shakti Pratap And Raghu Sharma

I Support Dr. Raghu Sharma Ji,  Health Minister, Rajasthan and follow his track  

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Ajmer, Rajasthan, India


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